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Monday, June 9, 2008

After the mass, ceremony, and the taking of lots and lots of photos, my family headed to Beckham's, in Pasadena, for a celebratory dinner. Even my mom and younger brother, Mike, made it to dinner! It was really wonderful to turn off the phone, not think about work, and just enjoy the family for a few hours. That was the treat that magical night. And I hope my dear niece remembers all of the moments of her BIG day the rest of her life.

One proud uncle! Francesca got straight A's on her report card and made the Honor Roll once again! Uncle Mike Cazares was on the Dean's List every quarter at Cal State. The two were competing all the time regarding their grades. I told both of them I couldn't afford either one of them anymore!

Here she is the class salutatorian! I was SO proud of my little girl. It took every bit of me to stay focused! Emotions are hard to control at moments like this.
This past weekend was very busy, but enjoyable. The BIG news story of the weekend was my niece, Francesca's graduation. She was the salutatorian and gave a wonderful speech. My niece is now on her way to high school! Hard to believe! It seems like just only yesterday I was holding, feeding, and babysitting my little girl. In this picture, we were celebrating her 5th birthday. We had a little party for Francesca at her school.


Kelly Kilmer said...

It's amazing how fast they grow.
Huge congrats on all A's-wow!!!!
My little cousin (18) just graduated from high school this past weekend. Ayaiyaiii-I remember when she was just a little munchkin.
Tristan will be graduating 5th grade a week from Thursday. SCARY!!!! :)

Roseann said...

I agree with you! They all seem to grow up overnight! Congratulations on your not-so-little guy's upcoming graduation. That happened very quickly too! It seems like just yesterday that I met you and that adorable 5 year old!Graduation is a BIG deal! I tell my husband it would be nice if we could keep the kids at a certain age for just a little longer. It's hard to see them become so independent so quickly! But it is also exciting to see where their lives will take them. It makes me hopeful about the future.