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Sunday, April 20, 2008

These are 2 of my favorite works. On the top right corner of the 1st piece, is a glimpse of my favorite mural. This mural is located in Estrada Courts, a housing project, in Boyle Heights. Although I didn't grow up in East Los Angeles or Boyle Heights, I feel that after almost 30 years of working in both neighborhoods, I have "lived" here longer than any other place in my life. East Los is part of my being and blood. Boyle Heights is where my father and husband were raised. My favorite part of the mural are the words, "We are Not A minority"! The words seem to be coming out of Che's hand! The mural was painted in the early 70's and 35 years later, it is still controversial. The reality of this piece: the minority has become the new majority, especially in the state of California.

My 2nd piece started out with a Cuban stamp that commemorated Che Guevara. I have no idea where I got this, but it was in a stash of cancelled Cuban stamps. Because the stamp was already a strong visual, I felt that just adding color and some lettering might be all this piece would need. I have a friend and fellow English colleague, Mike Sarabia, who is putting together a book of poetry, short stories, dialogues, etc., with a talented group of Chicano writers, including one of my favorite writers, Luis Rodriguez, of "Always Running" fame. Last summer, Mike asked me to submit some of my artwork for this project. I don't know which one of my pieces will be the cover, but I was told that all the work I submitted, is going into the book! Also, last week, my dear friend, Carol, asked me to sign a release so that my work can be published in her upcoming book! Am I excited?! Hell yes!

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