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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012, everyone!  I took this photo while we were up in Cambria recently.  My Christmas break is quickly winding down.  I can't believe I spent most of my 3 weeks off sick!  I was sick while we were up in N. California, but I still had a great time.  In those 5 days, we were all over the coast!  We spent a couple of days in Cambria, then San Francisco.  My husband teased me that I must have felt crappy since we didn't hit "Flax" (Kelly, hold on to your seat!).  I wasn't up to much shopping - I can't believe I am even saying this since I am the biggest paper whore out there.  But the weather was so amazingly gorgeous while we were there, I didn't want to spend the time going through every piece of paper in the store and instead, chose to spend time outdoors in San Francisco and Berkeley.  I spent a good chunk of time reading, resting, shooting photos, and enjoying the ocean and water.  While on this break, I finished my second Frida journal that I started back in November.  I was on a roll with making new artwork!  I can't say I will blog more in 2012, but I will try.  I know once I get back to work, the job takes priority.  But I am committed to starting a new journal this week and I am already working on Valentine's Day stuff.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy New Year, Roseann!!!

Too funny as I also have skipped some favorite stores (Flax included) on recent trips. I limit my time there. I'll spend 10 minutes at the most walking around the shop to see if there is anything new on top. I don't flip through the paper selections as long as I used to (if I even do that at all.)

Hope to see you soon!!

reshma M said...

Good stories you have, i will keep visiting this blog. You are the writer i can say.

Reshma M,
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