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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The top photo is a shot of a gift my dear friend, Kelly Kilmer made for me. It and the rolls of tape were just part of a larger gift box Kelly gave me for my birthday.

The photo above is a shot of my India journal and field kit. A few months before the holidays, Kelly told me that she has always wanted a book of my art, whether it be copies of my artwork or original pieces. While I worked on my India book, Kelly posted comments on a regular basis each time I posted photos on my blog. So, a lightbulb clicked in my head about what would make a good gift for Kelly. I got my journal and took it to Kinko's to have it xeroxed. Then, I made a new book of my India journal artwork and I added some new artwork, along with the xeroxed copies. The photos below are the original pieces I added to Kelly's book.


Kelly Kilmer said...

It's one of my treasures!!!! Thank you, Roseann, for being such a good friend!!!
who is in her hotel in Berkeley after shopping at Flax and Kinokuniya! LOL

Seth said...

Both of you made out very well here!! Beautiful gifts.