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Friday, December 11, 2009

Here are 2 more pages from my book. Actually, I just finished this book yesterday; there are still a couple more pages I need to photograph and add to my photos before I post them. I started my new book (FINALLY!) tonight! I have the 1st 2 pages completed in the new book. It is hard to believe that I worked on my last book for about 6 months. I think part of what took so long was that I tried to work with a specific theme instead of just letting the artwork go in its own direction. But since I am 5 days away from my 3 week Christmas vacation, I have vowed that I am going to spend a lot more time on making art than I have these past few months.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Your books are always breathtaking, Roseann.

I love the feel of starting in a new book!!!!!

Woot woot to Vacation time!!!!!!!!!!!!

lee said...

I agree with Kelly, I love your pages, there is so much eye candy. Three weeks off to make art, go girl.

Roseann said...

Yeah, Kelly, being on vacation is fucking fantastic. Hopefully, we can spend some time together before I go back to work. It has been a LONG time!

Roseann said...

Thanks Lee! I am looking forward to getting a lot of artwork completed. Happy holidays to you and your family!