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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back in early September, I had an art day @ my home. I invited a few of my girlfriends and we spent the day making art. I taught the group how to make their own Soul Cards deck. Besides making art, we had an elaborate lunch. Each of my 5 friends got a box that I put together specifically with them in mind. The boxes were stuffed with supplies for them to make their decks: a pair of scissors, collage images, paints, a box of Portfolio crayons, glue, rubber stamps, decorative papers, and a few surprises! I told my girlfriends everything would be supplied for them - and boy, were they surprised! The boxes were covered in upholstery fabrics. Some of these fabrics such as the ones on these boxes are in the collage packs that are for sale. I LOVE these fabrics because they have a real French feeling to them such as the red ticking above.


Kelly Kilmer said...

What lucky friends!!!!!!!!

Roseann said...

I learned from the best: YOU!

lee said...

Need any new friends (lol)