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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As you know, I am a teacher and administrator in Los Angeles Unified School District. I have ALWAYS considered myself a teacher first since I spent 20 years in the classroom. During those years, I taught English. I have just started my 6th year as an administrator. As an educator, I feel very strongly that we must do all we can to promote the arts in schools. Exposure to the arts is vital in the development of all of our children. My dear friend, Mylene shared these photos of a project her daughters created together. The girls chronicled their recent visit to the museum by creating this beautiful piece above. What a terrific way of exposing children to the arts, creating life-long memories, and having all of the children collaborate in the creation of an art piece. Some of the benefits of promoting the arts to our students are 1) improving their critical-thinking skills, 2) teaching kids how to collaborate, 3) "pumping" kids' imagination, and 4) boosting students' self-esteem. Sounds like a winner to me, just like the girls' masterpiece!

The artists - Jocelyn, Madeline, Julianna, and Monica - well-done, ladies and a shout-out to your terrific mom!


Kelly Kilmer said...

WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!

Roseann said...

Yeah, you're right about the way cool! These girls are terrific!

venus said...

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